The BBC began in 2006 as the Beaverdale Main Street Initiative, an affiliate of the community revitalization program Main Street Iowa. At that time, the organization was a group of forward-looking business owners, property owners, and residents who came together out of concern for the visible decline of the neighborhood and its business district. The BMSI sought to strategize long-term solutions for the economic and social health of the neighborhood.


In 2010, having signed an agreement with the City of Des Moines to implement a neighborhood “streetscape” revitalization effort, the BMSI changed its name to the Beaverdale Betterment Coalition, a moniker that reflected the organization’s growth beyond a specific program. From 2010 to 2015, the Beaverdale Betterment Coalition worked closely with businesses, residents, and the City to design, fundraise for, and construct the Beaverdale Streetscape. Finished in 2015, this $2.2mil revitalization effort upgraded the Beaverdale business district’s infrastructure, aesthetics, amenities, and walkability.

Upon completion of the Streetscape, the BBC once more changed its name, this time to the current Beaverdale Business Coalition. This last change reflected the organization’s reorientation, from focusing on the implementation of Streetscape to focusing on leveraging the successes of Streetscape for the benefit of the neighborhood’s business district. At this time, the BBC also changed its composition to be exclusively Beaverdale business owners/operators.


The Board

BBC board members are elected to 3-year terms and are permitted to serve no more than two terms consecutively. Meetings are held, with some variation, on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00PM. The June meeting, during which board elections are held, is open to the public. If you’d like to speak with the BBC board or add an item to our agenda, please email us at BeaverdaleBusinessCoaliton@gmail.com.

BBC Board Members, as of July 2017:

Jay Kozel, President and acting Treasurer – Back Country. 2nd term ends: 2019
CeCe Ibson, Vice President – Ibson Law. 2nd term ends: 2018
Jen Veak, Secretary – Beaverdale Bicycles. 1st term ends: 2020
Matt Connolly, DMWSC liaison – Iowa Realty. 1st term ends: 2018
Neal Meylor – Meylor Chiropractic. 1st term ends: 2018
Megan Grandgeorge – Le Jardin. 1st term ends: 2019
Laura Chavez – Better Business Bureau. 1st term ends: 2018
Joe Raymond – Architectural Renovation Team. 1st term ends: 2019
Wendell Eck – Eck Built. 1st term ends: 2020
Trisha Gerena – Trizia’s. 1st term ends: 2020


Beaverdale SSMID (Self-Supporting Municipal Improvement District)

As part of its operations, the BBC oversees the work of the Beaverdale SSMID board. The Beaverdale SSMID district was established just prior to the construction of Streestcape. Property owners within the district affected by Streetscape voted to self-impose a tax, the funds from which are allocated for the ongoing maintenance and health of Streetscape and its amenities. The SSMID board is composed of the four principal landowners with the SSMID district, plus up to five additional property and/or business owners within the district. The SSMID board makes recommendations to City Staff for the upkeep, maintenance, and improvement of Streetscape. At present, two BBC members also serve on the SSMID board.